Pubdate: Fri, 31 Dec 2010
Source: Chilliwack Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2010 Chilliwack Times
Author: Marc Paquette



Re: "Glad to see mayor dealing with issue," the Times Dec. 28, by 
Sheldon Starrett.

After reading Mr. Starrett's letter about the use of medicinal 
marijuana (cannabis), not only I was upset, but I was astounded to 
see how misinformed he was.

I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, arthritis and 
many other chronic conditions in 1995, and with time, my liver became 
completely intolerant to all narcotic pharmaceutical analgesics, 
including Tylenol and Aspirin.

Marijuana is a non-toxic medicinal herb, and it has never killed 
anyone in all it's 5,000 years of recorded medicinal history.

Pharmaceutical narcotics, as Mr. Starrett proposes, are highly 
addictive and toxic, and the long-term side effects often result in 
addiction, potential abuse, the deterioration of internal organs and death.

Narcotic pharmaceuticals will also give a 'high' or 'down' when 
releaving pain, so what's wrong if marijuana is doing the 
same--without toxic side effects?

I have had a Health Canada licence to use and grow my own medicinal 
marijuana legally since March 2000, and not only that, the different 
varieties I grow are quite efficient to control most (if not all) of 
my pain and symptoms, but my liver doesn't suffer needlessly.

Also, I have been using many marijuana strains and varieties on and 
off since 1969, and I never experienced any hallucinations.

Marijuana is extending the lives and improving the lives of many 
permanently ill Canadians Mr. Starrett.

Shame on you!

Marc Paquette,

Hawkesbury, Ont.
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