Pubdate: Mon, 27 Dec 2010
Source: Irish Independent (Ireland)
Copyright: Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Ltd
Author: Ciaran O Dubhthaigh


In response to the letter by 'A Chocolate User' published on December
24, I would like to make clear that, yes, I am quite aware that
cocaine is illegal and the products I listed such as chocolate and
petrol are not. However, this is precisely the point of drug
legalisation -- the majority of harm caused by illegal drugs is a
result of their prohibition.

Kevin Myers argued that the consumption of cocaine and other illegal
drugs supports gangland crime, but this would not be the case if such
drugs were legalised. An historical precedent is clear in the foolish
efforts to criminalise alcohol in the US, which led to increased
consumption of the drug and spiralling crime rates.

Therefore, arguing the use of cocaine is immoral because it
contributes to crime is a nonsensical argument -- it would be
perfectly sensible to legalise it along with other drugs such as
cannabis and MDMA. Although such drugs cause harm to the individuals
consuming them, those people made the choice to take such drugs.

A person murdered by drug gangs whether in Mexico, Columbia, Dublin or
Limerick is often an innocent victim whose death is due to the current
prohibition of so many substances.

Ciaran O Dubhthaigh

Kilmovee, Co Mayo 
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