Pubdate: Thu, 11 Feb 2010
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
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Author: Robert Allen
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Commissioners Extend Moratorium On Businesses

BRECKENRIDGE -- Medical marijuana dispensaries won't be  opening in
unincorporated Summit County until at least  June, since Summit County
Commissioners on Tuesday  voted to extend a moratorium on the businesses.

The decision came after opposing viewpoints were  presented to the
commissioners from local law  enforcement officials and real estate

Summit County Sheriff John Minor said that with a  variety of bills
before the state Legislature -- some  of which could quash
dispensaries across the state --  it wouldn't be fair to the business
community if the  county drafted a set of regulations, then change
them a  few months later to comply with state law.

Fifth District Attorney Mark Hurlbert agreed.

"This is almost more of a business decision as opposed  to a medical
marijuana decision," he said at the public  hearing.

Bernie Zurbriggen, owner of High Country Real Estate,  said the
hundreds of dispensaries statewide are  generating too much revenue
for the state to shut them  down, considering Colorado's existing
budget issues.

"Nothing that happens in the Legislature is going to  change it
significantly from where it is," he said.

Minor said there are plenty of alternatives in  Breckenridge, Frisco
and Silverthorne for people who  need the product in the mean time.

The commissioners decided unanimously to extend the  moratorium to

"My vote is in no way, shape or form any sort of  judgment or position
against medical marijuana. This is  simply about efficient government
and use of our  resources," Commissioner Thomas Davidson said.

While the county may set up regulations in accordance  with state law
this summer, the Colorado guidelines  could change again after November.

Medical marijuana patient advocacy organization  Sensible Colorado is
taking action toward putting a  statewide ballot initiative before

"There will be no closure on this issue until we  finally legalize
marijuana," Minor said at the public  hearing. 
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