Pubdate: Wed, 15 Dec 2010
Source: Macon Telegraph (GA)
Copyright: 2010 The Macon Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: John Brogden


The 18th Amendment (Prohibition) did not work. Prohibition as policy
is stupid and counter-productive to a free society. There is no
instance of a black market being defeated by restricting supply. It
won't happen. Gangsters will assure alcohol, drugs, diamonds, whatever
is demanded will be supplied. The "War On Drugs" is but one of many
multi-billion dollar failed socialistic ideas we live with today. This
country has completely wasted $3 billion over 40 years in a futile
attempt to stop the supply of recreational drugs. More illegal drugs
are available today than when the "war" started over a generation ago.

This war has ruined thousands of otherwise innocent lives and sent
fortunes to killer gangs such as seen today in Mexico. The war on
drugs is an unconstitutional war on our freedom of choice and is
terrible policy. Federal regulators are today making war on smokers,
fast food, salt, colas, and they even deny us the right to choose our
own light bulbs. Where does it end?

- -- John Brogden

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