Pubdate: Thu, 16 Dec 2010
Source: Chico News & Review, The (CA)
Copyright: 2010 Robert Galia
Author: Robert Galia


Re "Probable cause?" (Newslines, by Meredith J. Cooper, Dec.

Mr. Campbell [Letters, Dec. 9] was correct in pointing out that it is
wrong to shut down an establishment based on a clerical error. The
clerical errors, however, were not due to inadequate training. All of
our employees always follow strict procedures when it comes to patient

No, what we are dealing with here are professional con artists using
valid recommendations that were then altered using sophisticated
"photo shop" computer programs. These forgeries are nearly impossible
to detect, especially when we call the doctor and are told that the
patient is legitimate. Liquor-store stings involving underage agents
that simply look old is one thing, but this goes way beyond the bounds
of acceptable behavior.

With this relatively new industry of medical cannabis we are all on a
learning curve. These documents can't be held up to a light like a
hundred-dollar bill. There are no counterfeit-document "magic markers."

Instead of this disrespectful (and failed) attempt to stomp us down,
perhaps law enforcement could work with us in preventing fraud and

The worst thing about this whole statement of probable cause chicanery
is that it has caused a complete loss of credibility for local law
enforcement for when they get around to trying to fight real crime. In
other words, if I was a judge I would be quite hesitant to ever again
sign a warrant that was presented to me by any of the officers
involved in this fraudulent and pointless vendetta against
medical-cannabis dispensaries.

Robert Galia

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