Pubdate: Tue, 14 Dec 2010
Source: Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Copyright: 2010 Stan White
Author: Stan White


Re: "Christie refuses to ease marijuana rules" (C-P, Nov. 28).

As a Colorado resident, I'm disappointed Gov. Chris Christie decided
to speak negatively about the present medical cannabis (marijuana)
laws in my state, which work properly to protect sick residents from
overzealous government. Those "doctors parachuted into the situation"
are a godsend to many residents who have doctors who are afraid of the
federal government and refuse to recommend cannabis.

Christie is an anti-Christian prohibitionist at heart and will do
anything to thwart the will of voters, including cage sick residents
who use what God says is good on the very first page of the Bible. The
needs of sick residents should come before the needs of

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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