Pubdate: Thu, 9 Dec 2010
Source: Albany Herald, The (GA)
Copyright: 2010 The Albany Herald Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Lake Adams


Some people might think I'm wrong, but so be it. I think we should
bring our troops home from Afghanistan immediately. Then, I think we
should use these same troops to protect the southern border of the
United States to keep the illegal Mexicans and drug cartels and
possibly terrorists from coming into the United States.

If the people of the United States don't stand up for themselves, we
will lose this country.

As far as Afghanistan is concerned, this war is being fought the same
as Vietnam and we did not win that war. I know this because I served
there from July 1, 1966, until July 1967. The only thing we
accomplished was the loss of 52,000 good men.

If Congress and the Senate can declare war against the Mexican drug
cartels, I think they should. If they can't, they should move as many
military bases as they can up all along every mile of the Mexican
border and then dare anybody to cross over. If this doesn't solve the

I'm asking the people what is it going to take for the people to stand
up and realize what is going on.

I'm tired of all the soft-hearted liberals promising everything and
delivering nothing. I know Obama will not do anything against
Mexicans, legal or illegal, because he needs their votes, legal or

Lake Adams

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