Pubdate: Sun, 31 Jan 2010
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2010 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author:  Linda Ellen


The Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act allows for medical cannabis to
treat post traumatic stress disorder.

In 2007, Dr. Christopher Fichtner, who was section chief for PTSD
Hines V.A. Hospital in Illinois, spoke in support of medical cannabis.

He said when he began working with veterans who had PTSD, he was
initially opposed to cannabis use. But use of medical cannabis is harm
reduction for those who self-medicate with alcohol.

Abuse of alcohol kills. No one dies of a cannabis overdose.

My son, Mathonwy Snowdon, who had PTSD, died in 2008. In his late
teens he was self-medicating with cannabis. He was arrested for
possessing less than 1 gram and convicted of a misdemeanor.

Over 10 years later, that charge surfaced and cost him a potential
job. Despondent, with his PTSD acutely active, he slipped into heavy
alcohol abuse. Within three years he died, the official cause of death
being alcoholism.

Many veterans are coming back from our wars afflicted with PTSD. Let's
give them all of the tools they need to regain their health. My son is
dead. Please pass this law so harm reduction can start and fewer of
our children will die.

Linda Ellen, Baraboo
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