Pubdate: Wed, 03 Feb 2010
Source: Airdrie Echo (CN AB)
Page: 9
Copyright: 2010 Osprey Media
Author: T.J. Meehan


Part of the reason that people write in to point out the failures of the
drug war is because the police have had the pulpit on drugs for so long
that newspapers print their opinions without question, even when they are
in a conflict of interest.

Having worked in the media myself, I've seen firsthand the exaggeration
and sensationalism of drug cases by well meaning but deluded cops, but I
don't think that your newsroom wants to jeopardize their working
relationship with the police by actually examining the cold hard facts
about the drug trade, since media and law enforcement operate in a tight
symbiotic relationship.

So by all means, keep on dismissing the majority of Canadians who think
programs like DARE needs a rethink and pot illegality only benefits police
budgets and gangster wallets. At least Canadians will know what side of
the cause you're on, and can likewise assess your paper's credibility, or
lack thereof

T.J. Meehan,

Kingston, Ont.
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