Pubdate: Mon, 25 Jan 2010
Source: Labradorian, The (CN NF)
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Author: Cpl. Jason Learning


I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone and to 
introduce myself. I am the new drugs and organized crime awareness 
coordinator for Labrador.

I come to this new position after serving 16 years in front-line 
policing. I have worked in many areas of the province including three 
communities along the Labrador coast.

Having lived and worked in many different parts of the province I 
have come to realize that while every community is unique in its own 
way, every community also has its similarities.

Unfortunately one of those similarities is some sort of problem with 
drugs. While most people are aware the abuse of drugs is an issue in 
our society, our knowledge about drugs and the potential problems 
they create are quite limited.

As a society, we have waged a "war on drugs," for years, however 
illegal drugs and drug abuse are still present.

While the "war" is ongoing, so to unfortunately is the general 
acceptance of these drugs. People believe and often tell me that drug 
abuse is not their problem. That it's not their responsibility, for 
example, to stop someone from drinking and driving, that they don't 
need to be educated about drugs because their kids wouldn't do that.

The sad reality is, it's everyone's problem.

My job now is to help inform you about drugs, drug abuse, the 
potential problems and ways of avoiding them. I will be conducting 
presentations at schools, meeting with parents, as well as community 
and professional groups, to try and get the message out.

In my opinion parents are the biggest resource when it comes to 
educating kids about drugs.

A parent with the required knowledge and a desire to speak with their 
kids about drugs are (is) in a much better position to prevent their 
children from getting involved in the first place.

Remember when it comes to drugs, your child, "could do that," and if 
the parents aren't willing to discuss drugs with their kids and 
aren't willing to set the right examples, there is a greater chance 
your child, "would do that."

We live in a world with drugs, and this will never change. Drugs are 
easily accessible and in most cases readily available.

Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, prescription drugs and alcohol are all 
regularly abused in our society. There are newer drugs coming to our 
communities such as methamphetamines that bring even bigger problems.

Drug use has been glamourized, however, in reality it's a very ugly 
business with devastating consequences.

I plan to present the realities of drug abuse, addictions, crime, and 
physical and financial consequences. Some of the material in the 
presentations given to older children and parents are graphic and 
disturbing, however it presents a reality seldom considered and often avoided.

To make the right decision, people - kids and parents - must be 
provided with accurate information that presents the whole story. 
Take the time to discuss drugs with your kids and answer the tough questions.

I encourage everyone to increase their knowledge by attending a drugs 
and organized crime awareness presentation.

Anyone wishing to organize a presentation through a community group 
or office can contact me by email  or 
by telephone at 896-1239.
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