Pubdate: Thu, 7 Jan 2010
Source: News-Gazette, The (Champaign, IL)
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Author: Stephen Woods


In 2006, I was diagnosed with a badly hemorrhaged disk in the lower
lumbar region of my back. I have been treated for the last four years
for chronic neuropathic pain, chronic inflammation and muscle spasms.

The treatment that I have had since being diagnosed has been in the
form of prescription drugs. I started with a non-narcotic pain killer
usually prescribed for acute and mild chronic pain. Within six months,
I was on an opiate pain killer.

The dosage started small but has increased threefold. To say the
least, I am certain that I have a dependency to the drug now. I find
that if I miss a dose, I suffer from classic withdrawal symptoms. By
the way, I am only 27!

Recently I have discovered a new treatment that alleviates my pain,
helps with my inflammation and reduces my need for muscle relaxers.
Not only is it non-narcotic, but also it is impossible to become
physically dependent.

Now that I've discovered medical marijuana, my life has been

Currently there is a bill that has already passed through the state
Senate and is up for vote in the House in January.

This bill, if passed and signed by Gov. Pat Quinn, will bring relief
to me and many others - patients with very severe and debilitating
diseases such as AIDS and cerebral palsy.

Thirteen other states have already passed legislation on medical
marijuana reform. Please, take this information and pass it on to
anyone suffering with addiction to opiate pain killers and please
e-mail, write or call state House members to express your support of
SB 1381.

Stephen Woods

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