Pubdate: Tue, 5 Jan 2010
Source: Northeast Georgian, The (Cornelia, GA)
Copyright: 2010 The Northeast Georgian
Author: Bobby Clardy


The much anticipated and long delayed investigation is complete.
After amending the rules in favor of the narcotics agents, D.A.
[Brian] Rickman turned the Ayers case over to a grand jury. The
result: A group of local citizens found that this was indeed a
situation where it was justified to shoot an unarmed man sitting in
his car, in the middle of town, in broad daylight.

I'm 62 years old, and the disgust I feel about living in an area where
there are people who not only allow but condone this abuse of the law
is overwhelming. Many weeks ago, I suggested in this paper that
control of this case should be taken out of local hands. Federal
intervention was the only hope for justice to prevail. The corruption
and dirtiness that exists in this "good old boys" network is stronger
than even I suspected.

Additionally, I will say that D.A. Rickman's influence is greater than
I thought. While I believe that his goal from the beginning was to
clear "his guys," I never thought he would find a grand jury so devoid
of any level of integrity or courage. I wonder how they look their
families in the face, and assure them that this could never happen to

I love this part of the country and the many fine people who live
here. They and their families deserve so much more, but until they are
willing to say enough is enough, this arrogant "thumb of the nose"
attitude toward rule of law and fairness will continue as it has for
decades. The self-serving evilness is too firmly entrenched. The "good
old boys" obviously have the resources and support available to
protect themselves.

I'm sorry that Pastor Ayers had no one to speak for him. I'm sorry for
his family. I feel that he was sacrificed to protect those who don't
deserve protection.

His life did not outweigh the importance of protection for certain
people. That's the bottom line. Think about it.

Bobby Clardy

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