Pubdate: Thu, 07 Jan 2010
Source: Toccoa Record, The (GA)
Copyright: 2010 The Toccoa Record
Author: Robert F. Sullivan, M.D. (ret.)
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No law-abiding, taxpaying, God-fearing, American citizen of Franklin
or Stephens counties should feel comfortable about the grand jury's
conclusion to the Jonathan Ayers case last week.

Could it be that every legal act was considered so that one of their
own could be exonerated? Just what is "justifiable homicide" anyway?

Did this term come from the "Kathryn Johnston" case in Atlanta or is
it derived from "road rage" behavior?

There are so many questions left here that there is not time nor space
to write them, but suffice it to say, it is completely inhumane to now
flush the case down a legal disposal.

The public is entitled to more investigation and acceptable

I have no idea what Jonathan's business was with the young lady on the
day of incident. However, it was totally out of character.

I had only known him a few days in July when we were coincidentally
involved in a missionary trip to Africa. In any case, if a dead man
has no defense attorney, I don't mind testifying for the sake of the
good people in his family, his church, and his community.

He had been born and raised in Royston, attended Franklin County high
school, had a couple of years in college and work, then was called to
preach. He married Abby from Gainesville and became involved with
Shoal Creek Baptist in Lavonia in 2008.

He seemed to be very successful with religious conversion. I was
impressed with his energy, charisma and charity. Abby was pregnant
with their first child and they seemed to have a great future. He
repeatedly talked to the Africans about what a great place America
was, and how success was achievable by work and dedication.

I have never been as shocked as when I was told about his death from a
GSW inflicted by an under-cover drug agent.

What a shame!

Hopefully, his martyrdom will serve a purpose and his life will not be
lost in vain.

If the case is continued in any form, the citizenry should be sure (1)
to have equal protection under the law and (2) the criminal justice
system will be constantly monitored and corrected when indicated.

Robert F. Sullivan, M.D. (ret.)

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