Pubdate: Thu, 31 Dec 2009
Source: Red Bluff Daily News (CA)
Copyright: 2009 Red Bluff Daily News
Author: Tang Lor
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A court has found the owners of a short-lived Red Bluff  cannabis
collective to be in violation of city codes  for unlawful occupancy
and unlawful land use.

Lana Louise Aguiar, 53, and Ashley Aleene Arnold, 25,  both of Red
Bluff, continued to operate the collective  despite being advised by
Red Bluff Police and city  staff that their business was in violation
of city  ordinances.

Citations were issued on Oct. 22, 26 and 28 and Nov. 3,  according to
a department press release.

The pair was found guilty on all charges from the  October citations
during a Dec. 2 trial and both are  expected to appear in court on
Jan. 6 for sentencing.

Charges from the Nov. 3 citation are still pending.

Aguiar and Arnold appeared in court Monday and pleaded  not guilty to
the charges. A trial date has been set  for Feb. 3 for that last citation.

Calls to Aguiar and Arnold were not returned.

The Blue Toad, which operated out of a building on  Hickory Street,
opened on Oct. 13, the same day the  city held its first public
hearing on the medical  marijuana ban ordinance during a Planning
Commission  meeting.

The collective closed in November after the city  enacted a temporary
ban on medical marijuana  collectives, cooperatives and

Owners have said they voluntarily closed after the city  threatened to
issue citations to their landlord as  well.

Planning Director Scot Timboe has said the city and law  enforcement
have never intended to cite landlords for  the violations nor do they
plan to do so. 
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