Pubdate: Wed, 28 Oct 2009
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
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Author: Dan Banov


Editor, The News:

Re: Sick, those who said yes to prostitution (Letters, Oct. 21).

Why would someone say yes to legalize prostitution?

Mariah Grasby asked to give a sound provable reason for saying

My first response to Ms. Grasby is for her to prove how making it
illegal is going to make everyone adhere to her high moral standards.

Making something illegal does not stop the action.

Alcohol was illegal in the '20s. Did that stop the

Marijuana is illegal. Is that stopping the use?

To make something legal does not mean you agree with it

Smoking cigarettes is legal. Does that make it right to allow those to
be sold?

Is spaying poison chemicals on your lawn right if deemed

There are a lot of moral and legal rights and wrongs. For some high
moralist to feel that they can enforce their morals with the law does
not go well with me. Let us work on the moral fabric of society.

We should make it illegal to open a business on Sunday and require
everyone to be in church so we can rid the country of evil morals.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge 
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