Pubdate: Tue, 27 Oct 2009
Source: Carstairs Courier (CN AB)
Copyright: 2009 Mountain View Publishing
Author: Bruce Codere


Re: "Drug impaired driving good for no one"

A law that allows invasive and inconclusive drug testing for drivers 
suspected of impairment has no place in a free and open society.

We're watching the slow insidious rise of a narco-police state. 
People are being led by the nose by liars in politics who will 
sacrifice any civil liberties for their brand of social order. The 
current puppet government wants to spend $20,000,000,000 on prisons 
when the overall crime rate has been going down since 1992.

Meanwhile, arrests for Cannabis are at an all-time high. Cannabis is 
Earth's best medicine, but governments for decades have kept it 
illegal for the benefit of the corporate elite.

Denial is the most powerful coping mechanism. So while a gullible 
public will believe their best interest is being served, what is 
really happening is we are all losing freedom and rights.

The roots of the word government mean to control the mind. People get 
the government they deserve.

Bruce Codere
Fox Creek, Alta 
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