Pubdate: Wed, 21 Oct 2009
Source: Concord Monitor (NH)
Copyright: 2009 Monitor Publishing Company
Author: Bradley Jardis


U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte recently sent a mass  mailer to
select New Hampshire voters declaring that  "doctors and patients
should be making decisions on  health care, not bureaucrats." Perhaps
this means she  has changed her position on HB 648, the medical
marijuana bill which she opposed so strenuously earlier  this year
when she was attorney general?

The bill, which faces its final vote Oct. 28, would  have faced few
hurdles if Ayotte and her office had not  opposed it so

As a police officer, I have sworn an oath to enforce  the laws of our
state, but I do not think it is wise or  appropriate for police
officers or bureaucrats to  interfere in health care decisions. I
agree with the  sentiment expressed in Ayotte's mailer, and I believe
the medical marijuana issue provides a perfect test for  whether
Ayotte believes her own rhetoric. Unless she  has changed her position
on medical marijuana, the  inconsistency is obvious.

I encourage all members of the Legislature to set aside  their fears
and vote to override Gov. John Lynch's  veto.

If you or somebody you love was able to find relief  from using
marijuana to treat a horrible illness,  wouldn't you want them to be
protected from arrest?



(The writer is a police officer in Epping and a member  of Law
Enforcement Against Prohibition.) 
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