Pubdate: Wed, 7 Oct 2009
Source: Topsail Voice (Hampstead, NC)
Copyright: 2009 Hamsptead Publishing, LLC.
Author: Alexis Skelley


Dear Editor,

In today' society, it has become the standard to turn to
prescription pills for the treatment of any and all medical
conditions, from the most basic headache to the most severe and
life-threatening diseases. The side-effects of the majority of these
prescription medications are just as unpleasant, if not more so than
the ailment being treated, not to mention that some even offer
additional medications to deal with such side-effects. It is no wonder
that this is the case when considering that the chemical composition
of many of the latest and most revered medical drugs are harmful
substances like coal, tar, and petroleum, as in the well-known Codeine

Ironically enough, there is an herb whose therapeutic use has been
documented as early as 5,000 BC that can serve as a natural and less
invasive alternative to the solutions of traditional medicine that
have come to be dominated by major medical drug companies. This remedy
is known as marijuana, an organic substance produced by the cannabis
plant that has been scientifically proven in modem medical research to
effectively alleviate the pain and symptoms of a wide range of
debilitating medical conditions, including such as widespread and
difficult to manage as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and AIDS.

The physician-recommended use of medical marijuana is now legal in
several prominent world nations and 14 U.S. states, all of which
demonstrating affirmative outcomes. As a health education specialist,
I urge state lawmakers to sincerely consider the measures proposed by
the N.C. House Health Committee by personally investigating the
benefits and reflecting on the thousands of first-hand testimonies by
patients. The N.C. House Bill 1383 - Medical Marijuana
Act/Referendum -  will allow for legal, legitimate and safe access
to individuals who are prescribed medical marijuana by a licensed
physician to ease the suffering of debilitating medical conditions.

Lawmakers should observe the medical evidence that document the
improvement of patients'  well being and overall quality of life,
while disregarding the social and political attachment of this
particular substance. The legalization of medical marijuana allows
patients to take control of their own health and not rely on the
treatment of the prescription medications chemically synthesized from
harmful substances that cause adverse side effects.

My support of this bill is determinant on the provisions and
regulations, which I view to set forth an effective and reasonable
operation for distribution of marijuana in a medically professional
framework. As a concerned citizen and health education professional, I
feel it is the right of patients to have access to this organic
therapy as an alternative to other medical regimes. This belief is
clearly a prominent one considering the sweeping reform that has
already taken place in over a dozen U.S. states; an overwhelming
amount of citizens are raising their voice to this injustice and the
2005 Gallup poll proves this, staring that 78 percent of Americans
support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

If we band together we can make it happen!

Alexis Skelley

Carolina Shores, NC
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