Pubdate: Thu, 08 Oct 2009
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The Denver Westword, a weekly newspaper in Colorado, is looking for a
marijuana critic. Its website recently posted this ad: "Calling all
potential pot reviewers: Westword wants you! Do you have a medical
condition that necessitates marijuana? Do you have a way with words?"
Don't think this is a joke.

For users of medical marijuana in the beautiful "Rocky Mountain High"
state, the issue of quality from one seller to another is a
considerable concern.

$250 gets you the doc's OK This new and inspired job of "pot critic"
comes at a time when the number of individuals allowed to use medical
marijuana in Colorado is, shall we say, growing at an alarming rate.

Like in California, there are websites in Colorado that list doctors
who will give you a medical note for pot based on such dubious
symptoms as headaches and hangovers. All you need provide is the $250
doctor's fee.

Users are then required to buy pot from one of the state's licensed
dispensers. The dispensers, in turn, are not required to meet certain
standards with regard to the quality of the product.

Hence, the need for a critic.

Selling pot to anyone with a medical claim, no matter how dubious that
claim, would seem to be the obvious direction for the pot industry to
grow in most jurisdictions.

If governments allow anyone with a headache to smoke pot, providing he
or she gets a doctor's note and buys the product from a licensed
dispenser, then the government can, in turn, tax the hell out of
everyone involved.

It's a win/win.

We have the perfect candidate As for the Westword and its inspired
idea of hiring a freelance "pot critic," clearly the newspaper knows
the sort of individual it wants on the beat.

Good writer, knowledge of the publishing industry, expansive knowledge
of marijuana, both as a grower and a user.

Sounds like the dream job for our Marc Emery.

Plus, he's already down in the States.

OK, so it's prison, but that will end soon enough and the man is going
to have to find work somewhere. 
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