Pubdate: Fri, 2 Oct 2009
Source: Prince George Citizen (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Prince George Citizen
Author: Tyler Lindsay


It's hard not to be amused by the three examples of our justice
system and our Conservative government's tough stance on crime.

Swindle people out of $9.6 million and get banned from trading
securities. No fine because they don't have the money.

Smuggle 329 bottles of fine wine into Canada from the U.S. and make a
donation to Calgary's food bank and avoid a criminal record if you're
a B.C. businessman. But the 'Prince of Pot', five years in an American
slammer for openly sending marijuana seeds in the mail. Send a
Canadian citizen to a U.S. jail. No sense upsetting the Yanks. After
all, they've given us Iraq, Afghanistan, the worst financial meltdown
since the great depression and let's not forget the Softwood Lumber
Agreement (read debacle). Perhaps it is time for the Citizen to do
some investigative reporting and do a cost/benefit analysis of the
'war on drugs'. Ask the staff from the Pastry Chef if we're winning
the battle and who pays for their vehicle repairs.

Last but not least, what idiot would pour the wine down the

Why not have a public auction and have the funds go to the food bank?
Better yet, give the homeless a glass of fine red with their Christmas

Tyler Lindsay

Prince George
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