Pubdate: Fri, 2 Oct 2009
Source: Miramichi Leader (CN NK)
Copyright: 2009 Brunswick News Inc.
Author: Peter Myles Barnaby


This letter is addressed to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

As a concerned Canadian citizen, I feel that an explanation is in
order from the Conservative government as to how they can justify
collecting taxes on Marc Emery's marijuana seed selling business, then
have him sent to a U.S. prison to serve a five year sentence for a
crime which would have otherwise landed him a fine here in Canada.

It is my understanding that an offer was made by U.S. authorities that
would see Mr. Emery serve his sentence in a Canadian facility;
however, the Minister of Justice has opted to deny him this
opportunity. I believe the failure of this government to keep Mr.
Emery in Canada - where he belongs - sets a dangerous precedent in
which our very sovereignty is called into question.

Mr. Emery is a political prisoner and a victim of the U.S.-led "War on
Drugs", which is now widely regarded as a failure, yet continues to be
waged against peaceful Canadian citizens. It is also commonly
understood that the criminalization of marijuana diverts tax revenue
to organized crime, limits its availability to those requiring it for
medicinal purposes, and puts a strain on our already over-burdened
justice system.

I am respectfully requesting both an explanation of this government's
stance on Mr. Emery's extradition, and an explanation as to why this
government continues to ignore mounting evidence that the legalization
of marijuana would benefit our society.

Peter Myles Barnaby, Eel Ground
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