Pubdate: Thu, 1 Oct 2009
Source: Toccoa Record, The (GA)
Copyright: 2009 The Toccoa Record
Author: Cathy Martin


This letter is in response to Sheirff Shirely's comment on WLHR News
in Lavonia. He said and I quote "That when the results of the
investigation are revealed it will quote "not be good" and will likely
upset the Ayers family and those who knew him.

What's being reported in the media is totally wrong. That's funny
coming from you sheriff! Mr. Shirley let me tell you about "not so
good" for my family.

Seeing his wife by his side holding his hand after his death, seeing
his Dad and Mother fall to the floor in tears that night, seeing the
1,000 plus at the funeral home that night that was such a great
tribute to Jonathan.

Seeing the pain and grief on my brothers face as he carried his son in
a wagon that he and Jonathan built together to his gravesite.

So don't insult my family by saying it won't be good. I asked the DA
after you all came back that night if he found out who killed my
nephew. His response was yes and I said who he said "We all got
together and decided to come and lay it all on the table tell the
family the truth he was shot by an officer."

So is that what you're doing again Mr. DA and Sheriff Shirley? Was
this after you found out there was a video? I don't hold you
responsible for my nephew's death but I do hold the three men in the
truck that day responsible.

I know who they are and I hope they know who we are. I believe Sheriff
Shirley you know in your heart that an innocent young man was killed
that day so go ahead and smear his name all you want.

The fact remains no matter what, he was killed that day by a 
gun-happy NCIS officer. I think they had no intention of stopping them.
They drew their guns as soon as they got out. Did he think he had to
show his authority?

Why didn't you release the statement given by one of the witnesses the
GBI questioned that day when the NCIS officer jerked Jonathan out of
the car and ask his why he ran from him and Jonathan told him he was

Will you call my mother. Did you forget that one? I hope that every
time these three men hear a baby cry or see a Dad holding their
newborn they see Jonathan's face and remember what they took from his

But you see there is one thing you can't take from my family or anyone
who really knew Jonathan and that is our memories or the fact that we
knew what kind of man he was.

You don't even know the pain and grief you have caused my family so
nothing you say or do could possibly upset us anymore.

You see you have already took away the one thing that was most
precious to us Jonathan and nothing else matters.

Cathy Martin

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