Pubdate: Thu, 24 Sep 2009
Source: Marin Independent Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2009 Marin Independent Journal
Author: David Rabb


I am glad that the Obama Administration has softened its stance
against the growing and selling of medical marijuana in the United

Marin has a large number of individuals who have set up shops to
legally distribute marijuana to persons who are ill and in pain.
Almost any person can get a prescription to use marijuana.

This is the first step in legalizing distribution to the masses in our

There are people who claim that marijuana is a "gateway drug" as its
use may encourage a move to drugs that are damaging to mind and body.

Others claim it is not a "gateway drug."

Either way, prosecution has gotten out of hand. Our prisons are
overloaded with people who were involved in its use and our courts are

The growth and distribution of marijuana is extremely

The budget deficit in California is overwhelming. Our schools lack
music programs, athletic programs, teachers and repairs to school buildings.

Many care programs for the poor and elderly have been completely
eliminated by our state. The cost of state college tuitions have
increased dramatically because the state can no longer subsidize them.

Marijuana activist Richard Lee recently spoke about the upcoming vote
on legalizing the sale of marijuana in the city of Oakland.

The controlled legalization of marijuana will add as much as $1
million to the coffers of the city and help bring better services to
its residents.

It would be sold only with a permit from the city, monitored and

Mr. Lee said they would follow the "Amsterdam" model, which is being
used in other countries. It could legitimize the business and
eliminate the criminal element that controls distribution.

Write your local politicians. Tell them that you want marijuana
legalized and taxed along the lines of the Amsterdam Model.

David Rabb, San Rafael
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