Pubdate: Thu, 17 Sep 2009
Source: Honolulu Advertiser (HI)
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Author: David Waite
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HPD Vets On Leave After Last Month's Arrest In Las Vegas

Two Honolulu police officers who were arrested in Las Vegas last 
month on misdemeanor drug charges have been placed on administrative 
leave and have had their police powers removed, police officials said 

An internal investigation was begun shortly after the department 
learned of the Aug. 15 arrests in Las Vegas, and that administrative 
inquiry is ongoing, the officials said.

Officials would not say whether Officers Shayne Souza and Kevin 
Fujioka will continue to be paid during the investigation nor would 
they say when the two were placed on administrative leave.

An officer whose police powers have been removed is required to turn 
in his gun and badge and is no longer authorized to arrest, detain or 
otherwise exercise privileges conferred on active police officers. 
Meanwhile, tentative court dates of Oct. 15 and Nov. 16 were set for 
the two officers in Las Vegas. Clark County officials in Nevada said 
the start of the trial could be delayed.

Prosecutors are awaiting the results of laboratory tests on materials 
that were seized as evidence when Las Vegas park police arrested 
Souza and Fujioka on Aug. 15 near Desert Breeze Park, said Clark 
County spokeswoman Stacey Welling.

At the time of their release from the Clark County Detention Center, 
the two were given tentative court dates, Welling said.

Souza, 47, and Fujioka, 37, were off duty in Las Vegas to participate 
in a softball tournament, officials here have said.

marijuana charges

Las Vegas police officers who are employees of the Las Vegas 
Department of Parks noticed a white van that was parked across two 
parking spots, Welling said a few days after Souza and Fujioka were arrested.

As park police officers approached, the van drove off and there was a 
short pursuit, Welling said at the time of the arrests. She said the 
van stopped and Souza and Fujioka ran from the park police officers, 
but were captured almost immediately.

The two Honolulu officers were charged with marijuana possession 
along with a third man from Honolulu, Scott Wilson, 38, who was with them.

Fujioka also was charged with driving under the influence of a 
narcotic, while Souza faces additional charges of resisting arrest 
and obstruction of justice. All of the charges are misdemeanors under 
Las Vegas law.

Souza, a 20-year veteran of the Honolulu Police Department who is 
currently assigned to the Specialized Services Division, and Fujioka, 
who has been with HPD for 13 years and is a patrol officer assigned 
to the Pearl City police district, had been listed as being on leave 
since their arrest.
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