Pubdate: Wed, 23 Sep 2009
Source: Red Bluff Daily News (CA)
Copyright: 2009 Red Bluff Daily News
Author: Kate Behnken



Please don't refer me the police department, there is no reason to be
alarmed. The pot growing that is happening next door is completely

Deep in the heart of central Red Bluff where I purchased my sweet
little home sweet home six years ago, there is a stench growing in the
air. Is it mint? No. Is it rosemary? No. Is it skunk? Maybe. Is it
weed? Yep.

It's legal so don't worry about the stench.

The renters next door have consistently been involved in nefarious
acts. Our current next door neighbors are pot farmers. It happened
seemingly overnight. We weren't asked if we would mind if the new
tenants next door could grow a forest of marijuana plants next door,
they just did.

The neighborhood wreaks of it. Somehow, a permit was issued for people
to grow medical marijuana and now we have an epidemic on our hands.
The weed grows next to our fence line and the smell is overwhelming.
It is not pleasant to be in my backyard any longer due to the heavy
watering of my eyes and of course, the smell.

The smell of cannabis in 105-degree Red Bluff summer heat has been
unbearable. I wonder if I moved next door to someone in a wealthier
neighborhood, could I grow my own pot forest there? Would the city
offer me a permit then?

This is a problem that presents a danger to the community due to the
risk of violence, vulnerability of theft and chaos the pot business
has always been known for. Whether it is legal or illegal, it
shouldn't be permitted in the city limits. I welcome the City Council
to come on over for tea in my backyard.

I'm the tax paying citizen here, not the farmers next door. The pot
growers told me that they just want to grow their pot, make the money
and move to a nicer neighborhood.

Kate Behnken

Red Bluff
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