Pubdate: Wed, 26 Aug 2009
Source: Grunion Gazette (Long Beach, CA)
Copyright: 2009 Grunion Gazette
Author: Sierra Serhan


To The Editor:

We appreciate that you mentioned us in the recent article, "City Seeks
Controls Over Medical Marijuana Stores," but we feel it is important
to note we are not a "Marijuana Store." It is true that there are
numerous dispensaries throughout Long Beach, but we want the residents
to be aware that we are a collective actively working to positively
impact the community.

Belmont Shore Natural Care is a collection of people pooling their
resources in order to provide medical marijuana to the members of the
collective. It is our mission to provide a safe place with a
comfortable atmosphere for our patients to find their medication.

But, the medication is only one element of what makes a collective.
The overall well-being of our patients is our number one concern. We
strive to keep our patients informed of the latest developments in
medical marijuana regulation and have copies available of the most
recent official reports. We have programs that allow terminal patients
to receive free medication and discounts available for travel, SSI,
AARP and others.

In order to become a member of our collective, original documentation
must be produced, copied and verified by the doctor. Every time a
patient visits the collective they must have a valid California ID and
their recommendation.

There is no smoking at the collective. Each bag of medication is
sealed with a warning label. This is for the safety of the collective,
our patients and the community.

Because our patients are members of this community, the well-being of
Belmont Shore makes up a large part of our primary concern. Inside our
collective, medication is meticulously checked to ensure quality.
Outside the collective, litter is collected in order to assist in the
beautification of the bay.

I hope this helps clarify any misconceptions about medical marijuana
collectives. We cannot speak for all, but at Belmont Shore Natural
Care we sincerely care for our patients.

Sierra Serhan

Belmont Shore
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