Pubdate: Wed, 26 Aug 2009
Source: Hi-Desert Star (Yucca Valley, CA)
Copyright: 2009 Hi Desert Star
Author: Jane Robertson


What is wrong with our Town Council? We have a failing economy that is
only being exacerbated by our leaders.

Jobs, homeownership and health care are all disappearing. They are
being replaced by higher taxes, cost of living expenses and crime. And
what are our leaders doing to help this? In a year in which the Town
laid off staff to absorb the budget cuts, they also have decided to
cut programs that help families and replace them with new costs by
closing the medical marijuana dispensary.

Look at the millions of taxpayers' dollars wasted over countless
lawsuits trying to avoid this law based on nothing more than moral
opinions and misinformation. Why does our local government feel that
they can continue to waste more money?

The Town has stated that the marijuana dispensary is legally
compliant with all laws and local ordinances. They should know; they
gave them the permission to operate. Now they are changing their
minds. By choosing to ban this business, they are willing to risk
potentially millions of our dollars in a lawsuit that will end very
badly for our Town.

I personally am tired of elected officials who defy those whom they
claim to represent, only to follow their own personal agendas.

Jane Robertson

Yucca Valley
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