Pubdate: Tue, 25 Aug 2009
Source: Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)
Copyright: 2009 S.A. The Buenos Aires Herald Ltd.

Ruling Expected for Today


Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt said the court has reached a
unanimous position on an expected ruling that would decriminalize the
possession of drugs for personal consumption, which would be announced
analyzed today.

However, the Justice said "there were differences" between the
different members of the Court. Commenting on his vote, Fayt said "I
have changed my point of view" and refused to provide any more details
on his position.

The government backing the initiative to decriminalize drug consumers,
as it would allow the government to focus its policies on drug
trafficking networks instead of users. Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez
said the decriminalization would allow users "to be treated as addicts
instead of criminals."

Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez dismissed that the decriminalization
move might affect drug-fighting policies. "The government will
continue with its restless fight against drug trafficking," he said,
and added the ruling of the court allowing the use of drugs in private
places "does not decriminalize anything."

The Cabinet Chief today said the expected ruling would "mean the end
of the repressive policies of the government against users."

The Supreme Court will rule on the famous "Arriola case." Sebastian
Arriola and Monica Vazquez were found guilty of drug trafficking. The
highest tribunal confirmed the ruling, but it is now expected to
overrule charges of drug possession in the case. 
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