Pubdate: Fri, 7 Aug 2009
Source: News-Gazette, The (Champaign, IL)
Copyright: 2009 The News-Gazette
Author:  Nicki Weber


I write to praise the works of Canaan Baptist Church, specifically the
Men's Safe House Program. With all the state funding that has been cut
from so many substance abuse programs, many people are not getting the
help they need to escape their addictions. Safe House is funded
through donations from individuals and churches, and by the grace of
God they continue to support men with their substance-abuse addictions.

In my position of employment, I have had the opportunity to work with
Safe House, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program
and all the good it does. The men are taught the word of God and how
to use the word of God to control their addictions.

In a world that puts God on the back burner, I love this concept. It
is astounding to see how this program influences these men in such
positive ways. It becomes a lifestyle for them, and, in turn, it
creates much change in individuals who may have otherwise remained in

The program is a strict, year-long residential program. It is not
easy, but it produces amazing results. I have been fortunate enough to
see the life-changing outcomes it produces. I once heard Circuit Judge
Thomas Difanis say to a new member of the Safe House Program that "you
may fail the program, but the program will not fail you."

I could not agree more. The Men's Safe House Program is one of
Urbana's best kept secrets. I pray that Canaan Baptist Church is
always able to support this program.

Nicki Weber

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