Pubdate: Wed, 05 Aug 2009
Source: Almaguin News (CN ON)
Copyright: Almaguin News 2009
Author: Russell Barth


No matter which way you worship the Invisible Giant that lives in the 
sky, but is also everywhere around and in us (God, Jehovah, Allah), 
your rights are protected.

Whether you bow five times a day to a black box on the other side of 
the world, light fires in bowls and wave daggers around like the 
Wiccans do, or participate in the ritualized cannibalism of wine 
drinking in the Catholic church - your rights are protected. No 
matter which way you choose to commune with The Big Mind, Canadian 
law protects you.

Unless, or course, you use psychotropic plants to commune with God. 
Then, you are a criminal. Never mind that drug use has been around 
since before language, and that drugs are implicated in the creation 
of almost all of the world's religions. If you smoke pot as a 
sacrament, you are a dirty druggie who should be in jail.

Does anyone else notice the wild hypocrisy in this policy?

Russell Barth

Patients Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis (PAIDC) 
Nepean, Ontario
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