Pubdate: Sun, 02 Aug 2009
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
Copyright: 2009 Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Jordan Hanna
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor.


The economy seems to still be down. Stimulus options, packages and 
plans have been discussed, implemented and thrown away. But one, 
that's been over looked needs to be discussed -- the taxation and 
regulation of marijuana. This plant has been a medicine, recreational 
drug and spiritual plant for thousands of years. It has copious 
amounts of potential, from helping pain, lowering anxiety to even 
treating ADD or ADHD.

Besides the limitless potential of its medicinal use, it also has a 
financial use. California's marijuana economy produces one third of 
the U.S' marijuana supply, estimated at $12 billion -- this is more 
than corn, wheat and cotton combined.

Taxing this, would generate well over $1.3 billion for the state. 
This would also take it away from youth, as it's easier to obtain now 
than alcohol is as several national studies have proven.

This is a plan we need to have a national debate on, and it's needed now.



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