Pubdate: Wed, 15 Jul 2009
Source: Express (Nelson, CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Kootenay Express Communication Corp.
Author: Linda Kelly


Dear Premier

Please add my name to the thousands of British Columbians who do NOT 
WANT the privatization of our creeks and rivers, or the development 
around them! Do NOT PROCEED with the Howser Glacier project, we don't 
want it we don't want it we don't want it we don't want it! Please 
get the picture...  I know money is needed to save B.C.  because of 
the deep dark hole the Olympics has caused.  Instead, why don't you 
legalize marijuana and industrial hemp and start a whole new wouldn't take long and would take us out of that hole. 
If you are anti-legalization of marijuana then it only makes sense 
that you must be pro for organized crime. It is a crime that good BC 
Bud is being exchanged for hard drugs. If it were legal it would be 
harder to do so.  If marijuana is illegal because of our health, then 
why are cigarettes and alcohol legal. Prohibition does not work, 
education does! Perhaps the lives of politicians would be in danger 
if they voted for legalization. I hope it is on the tables for 
discussion soon because it is so ridiculous that is illegal.

Linda Kelly

West Kootenays, BC
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