Pubdate: Sat, 18 Jul 2009
Source: Des Moines Register (IA)
Copyright: 2009 The Des Moines Register.
Author: James Bradley Robinson, III


It would seem that at long last a real discussion has emerged over the
decriminalization of marijuana. The inevitable debate over policy,
taxation and implementation will take years to hammer out. But make no
mistake, at long last pot will become legal.

The impetus of the debate no doubt has to do with the aging
baby-boomer generation coming to terms with the reality of its youth.
We know who we are, we know we tried pot, we know that after trying it
we did not turn to heroin. We know that it did not stop us from
becoming productive citizens. U.S. presidents have smoked it. We no
longer feel it prevents them from serving in that high office.

Jails are overcrowded. Pot violations are a silly reason to be sitting
in the hoosegow. We know that if marijuana were taxed and regulated
like alcohol, the revenue would be tremendous, not to mention the
virtual elimination of the criminal element involved in its current

Evolve our drug policy. The current prohibition serves no real purpose
other then to be the bogeyman for the temperance police. I for one
have had enough of their blather. Got a lighter?

James Bradley Robinson III, Des Moines
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