Pubdate: Mon, 13 Jul 2009
Source: Daily Republic (Fairfield, CA)
Copyright: 2009 Daily Republic
Author: F. Aaron Smith


It's good that Solano County supervisors finally voted to comply with
the law that requires the county to issue the state's medical
marijuana identification cards, but it's shocking that it took over
five years ('County to issue marijuana cards,' Barry Eberling, June

After all, California voters -- including those in Solano County --
made medical marijuana the law of the land and the ID cards simply
make enforcing that law easier for local police.

Supervisors Jim Spering and Mike Reagan have some serious explaining
to do. For these two county officials to intentionally and publicly
vote to disobey the law, especially against the advice of the county's
top attorney, is no less than complete insanity.

These men are certainly entitled to their archaic opinions about
medical marijuana, even while nearly 80 percent of voters and the
courts disagree with them.

However, as public officials, they must uphold the rule of law
regardless of their personal opinions.

Opposing this program was also a blatant disregard for local taxpayers
who would have been forced to pay for the costly and un-winnable
lawsuit that the county would have found itself in if these two rogues
were allowed to get their way. Civil disobedience may have its time
and place but this wasn't it. If Sperling and Reagan are unwilling to
respect the law, they ought to immediately step down from office.

F. Aaron Smith

California policy director

Marijuana Policy Project
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