Pubdate: Tue, 14 Jul 2009
Source: McCook Daily Gazette (NE)
Copyright: 2009 McCook Daily Gazette
Author: Howard Wooldridge, Co-Founder of LEAP


Dear Editor,

As a retired police detective, allow me to inform your readers that
whatever else legalizing marijuana would do, public safety would
certainly improve. My colleagues spend literally millions of hours
chasing pot smokers which means less time for the deadly DUI, child
molesters etc.

If more people smoke pot because it was legal, some research shows
that alcohol consumption would go down. That would again benefit
California, as the use of alcohol is causes 1,000 times more demand
for police time than the use of marijuana. How do I know that? During
my 18 years of police service I was sent to zero calls because of the
use of marijuana and about 1300 caused by alcohol.

Officer Howard Wooldridge (retired)

Washington, DC
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