Pubdate: Fri, 3 Jul 2009
Source: Montgomery Advertiser (AL)
Copyright: 2009 The Advertiser Co.
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Author: Dawn Palmer


A letter to the Montgomery Advertiser said that Loretta Nall
threatened all politicians with financial downfall if they didn't
support her platform of legalizing marijuana. She didn't threaten any
politicians; she merely suggested legalizing, regulating and taxing
marijuana as a potential financial alternative, just like several
statesmen have suggested.

The letter said that marijuana was the No. 1 drug of choice requiring
treatment at the Montgomery Addiction Program. Marijuana is the
most-used illegal drug, so it only stands to reason that marijuana
would be the No. 1 drug requiring treatment in a court-mandated
program like the Montgomery's Addiction Program.

As for the statement about us being better off wondering if the bus
driver, pilot, etc., was puffing on a legal substance, how do we know
if he or she isn't under the influence of a legal prescription drug?

Dawn Palmer

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