Pubdate: Tue, 9 Jun 2009
Source: Coaster (CN NF)
Copyright: 2009 Coaster
Author: Peter Christopher


Dear Editor:

I read with reat interest, your editorial, Drugs, Amusement Parks and
Exotic Countries, as I did the letters from Mr. Alan Randell and Mr.
Russell Barth, and I must side with their more progressive approach.

They see our current zero tolerance approach fuels prohibition.
George Boom Boom Chuvalo may have been the toughest heavyweight in the
sport, but like a just-say-no position on kids and drugs, times are
different and the way we handle our children and drugs must change for

We cannot let our zeal for their well being make a mockery of science
and medicine, swell our prisons and bloat our budgets with ideologies
that do not work.

No one is saying give drugs to kids, just that our traditional way of
handling this problem hasn't a chance of bringing any different
results than with similar past efforts.  It's a rat race and the rats
are winning! I do hope Mr. Chuvalo never quits telling his story.

Peter Christopher

Hurdle Mills, North Carolina, US
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