Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jun 2009
Source: Inland Empire Weekly (Corona, CA)
Copyright: 2009 Inland Empire Weekly
Author: Ralph Givens
Note: Trailing comment by IEW


[Re: issue 7's "Smoke Screen" story about the medical marijuana 
arrest of Temecula grower Marty Victor] One of the worst aspects of 
the marijuana raids that Riverside County seems to love so well is 
the undeniable fact that these excursions into reefer madness take 
cops away from preventing crimes and apprehending truly dangerous criminals.

It is dereliction of duty for the Riverside County Sheriff's office 
to dedicate personnel to "marijuana crimes" that are not really 
crimes while all manner of violent criminals prey on Riverside 
County. It's time for law enforcement to realize that tales of reefer 
madness have lost their ability to frighten adults and only lowers 
the stature of those spreading such fictions.

Ralph Givens, Daly City

Hey, man, apparently the Supreme Court is on your side since the 
justices recently opted to keep their hands-off Prop. 215 (Sorry, San 
Bernardino County) and let it stand as a legitimate voter-approved measure.
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