Pubdate: Sun, 31 May 2009
Source: Savannah Morning News (GA)
Copyright: 2009 Savannah Morning News
Author: Zelda Johnson


Nadra Enzi's column "No mercy for crack dealers" proves to be an
invalid argument against the equity of crack and cocaine federal guidelines.

For the sake of his argument, I will assume that he intentionally
failed to call crack by its proper name "crack cocaine."

To call crack, crack cocaine would have forced Mr. Enzi to knowledge
the fact that crack is a product of cocaine. Therefore, crack would
not exist if cocaine did not exist. The quest for the equity of
federal guidelines with respect to crack cocaine and powder cocaine is
a human rights issue.

The next time you are in the grocery store compare a five-pound bag of
sugar to about 10 or 15 Tic Tacs. (No, I am not talking about packs,
individual Tic Tacs).

When making the comparison, ask yourself how many Tic Tacs you could
make out of one bag of sugar. If that's too hard for you, guess how
many Tic Tacs equals five pounds. Upon reflection, you will see the
fallacy of the argument. Crack has proven to be the Achilles tendon
for many families, however if it were not for the foot, the Achilles
tendon would not exist.

Zelda Johnson

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