Pubdate: Wed, 27 May 2009
Source: Victoria News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 Black Press
Author: William Perry


Re: Victoria's top cop vows to catch drug dealers (News, May 22)

Funny, back in March, Victoria police Chief Jamie Graham said it was 
alcohol and alcohol abuse that was Victoria's number No. 1 problem. 
Never mind, he says, it's drugs now.

Regardless of tough words, we have come to expect a low standard of 
policing, with less than convincing, or even coherent, justification 
of the need for increased staffing and funding.

Despite growing criticism in some circles, the war on drugs remains a 
given for the vast majority of Victorians. It has, in some ways, been 
a model for local government programs, continuing not due to success, 
but because of its failure.

The city may continue to allocate money for the war on drugs because 
victory is always just around the corner.

"Anti-drug warriors" eagerly seize upon evidence that their approach 
still works -- supported by the lack of arrests by plain-clothes 
police officers -- and are rewarded with escalating budgets by 
council. There are many things that the people of Victoria need, but 
none more important than police leadership in the war on drugs.

The fact is that neither Graham nor city council seem concerned with 
how the empty promises and little results after many years of failure 
present themselves.

Graham likely has another metaphor up his sleeve, and regardless of 
the lack of success, he has brought entertainment back to Victoria.

William Perry

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