Pubdate: Mon, 25 May 2009
Source: Watauga Democrat (NC)
Copyright: 2009 Watauga Democrat Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Tyson Miller



The issue of industrialized hemp doesn't get its fair share of air time.
Politicians disregard the fact that hemp isn't marijuana and they cannot be
grown near each other, and downplay the potential for industrialized use and
possible revitalization of the agriculture industry.

As many people know hemp can be grown almost anywhere, and can be used for
many things such as paper, clothing, oils, fuel, food, and the list goes on.

We destroy millions of trees each year that can only produce paper that can
be recycle 3 times, while hemp paper can be recycled 7 times.

The facts are extraordinary when someone does a little research.

I recently emailed my congresswoman voicing my concern, and the
concerns of many, and I thought the response was well intended but
missed the point completely. After voicing my concern, and stating the
potential benefits to farmers, small businesses, and the economy I
received this: "I don't doubt your good intentions in supporting this
legislation. Legalization of hemp cultivation is a topic on which I
received a great deal of mail when I was in the North Carolina State
Senate but I have not read a great deal about it since coming to
Congress. One of my concerns is that people would grow hemp to
circumvent laws regarding marijuana. Drug addiction is one of the 
largest challenges we face in this
country and I will continue to oppose any effort to make it easier for
people to grow and use drugs."

I just want to ask how can we convince
those who simply disregard the facts? It's time for farmers and
citizens in the High Country, in N.C., and across the U.S. to take
advantage of the numerous benefits of industrialized hemp.

Tyson Miller

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