Pubdate: Wed, 20 May 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Shawn A. Nye


Although I do not know whether it is an intelligent decision or not to
legalize marijuana, I do feel that the opinion to have marijuana
remain illegal should not be justified on the basis that it is
addictive or the effects that it has on any other aspect of the human
body. I say this due to the fact that there are countless numbers of
items on the market, to which the average American citizen consumes or
uses, that also contribute to  depression, anxiety, loss of motor
skills, increased heart rate etc. We as human beings accept these
effects because we are told by propaganda and the media that a
particular item will cure a sickness,  enhance sexual performance,
increase physical endurance, allow you to be  more socially accepted
by your peers,  and more, Or maybe it's just to relax after a hard
days work.

As far as the number of people to die from marijuana use, zero. The
Annual deaths related to alcohol is 85,000."  I ask to you ,the
reader, how many people have you known to be killed or injured in a
car accident or another tragedy related to alcohol or a prescription
drug, and how many people do you know that have been killed or injured
  in a car accident or some other tragedy do to the sole use of marijuana?

When referring to economical stimulation, growth, a financial boost ,
yes I do feel that, if legalized, properly governed and regulated,
marijuana could be an efficient means of generating capital.

So I asked myself "Would I really want to live in a country that
supports all of the negative aspects that marijuana has", I found
myself asking if the negative effects surrounding the legalization of
marijuana would outweigh the numerous times to which a negative
outcome was the result of a decision that our government or the we the
people have made.

There are many aspects surrounding the legalization of marijuana. I
feel that if legalized it would create a positive outcome on the
financial portion of our economy. At the same time there are the
effects it could  have on society and our ability to develop and
learn. Whether it is moralistic or not, the legalization of marijuana
should not be debated or implemented from a narrow minded perspective.
There are far too many variables to be considered.

Shawn A. Nye
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