Pubdate: Wed, 20 May 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Dustin Hale


In the article [editorial] "Finance the bailout: Legalize weed" 
written April 7, 2009, I found that it lacked strong points for the 
legalization of marijuana. While the author does make good arguments 
such as it "generate between 2.4 billion dollars and 6.2 billion 
dollars in tax revenues."  And the point on law enforcement cost. 
"Costs of law enforcement are estimated to be almost 8 billion 
dollars a year." I believe the author had the right idea but failed 
to mention some major points.

Such as the fact that the U.S pays to import hemp; a very strong and 
clean alternative to cotton. Or the point that why can our own 
government tell us what we can and can not put into our bodies. There 
is no possible way to overdose on marijuana while alcohol a readily 
available substance takes many life's a year.

Furthermore legalizing pot would take many no-violent offenders out 
of our already overpopulated prisons; this in its self would help 
states to lower costs sense the cost of maintain a prisoner is 
already very high. I do agree with the author, legalizing marijuana 
could tremendously help bring money back in to the economy and with 
lawmakers looking at attempting to legalize pot in California we 
could see many other state or the entire nation follow if the outcome is good.

Dustin Hale
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