Pubdate: Wed, 20 May 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Khiry Kelly


The article [editorial] that I will be writing about is called 
"Finance the Bailout:Legalize Weed" that was published on Tuesday 
April 7, 2009. The article is about how legalizing weed would be a 
better use of resources for all levels of government.

It talks a lot about how legalizing weed can save us a lot of money 
from not spending money on Treatment and research, drug education, 
drug control, imprisonment, and persecution. I feel that it would 
save some money for people and our country but we would need to do 
more then just this. Another thing is what about are younger ones 
that are doing the drugs right now. We will still need them things to 
make sure or at least try not to have are kids doing the drugs.

Drugs are not good for us and I really do not think we should be 
talking about legalizing some. If there trying to legalize them I 
feel that it should just be for hospitals and doctors use only. That 
meaning that people should just have it if a doctor or hospital gives 
them permission to use it or if they would need it to help.

If it did get legalized, what about when people are driving and they 
have just had some weed or another drug. They could put other peoples 
lives on the line, and that is nothing that you or any body else 
would want to happen to them selves.

The author also talked about how legalizing weed will be a healthier 
alternative. How could that happen, if anything it would make it 
worse because any body would be able to use it and at anytime. Drugs 
are drugs and they all are bad for you. I feel that all drugs should 
just be illegal because mostly all of them are harmful to are selves.

Khiry Kelly
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