Pubdate: Wed, 20 May 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Christine Kiger


On Tuesday April 7th an article [editorial appeared titled "Fight 
[Finance] the bailout: Legalize Weed", the article was an informative 
piece letting the reader know the advantages that legalizing weed 
would give to our country in a time of economic decline. After 
reading the article I found my self strongly agreeing with the author 
and admired them for speaking out on an issue that is so strongly opposed.

I believe that Marijuana is no more dangerous then cigarettes maybe 
even less dangerous. As the author pointed out many believe that 
smoking Marijuana can lead to harder drugs and crimes, but lets face 
it if people want to smoke they are going to smoke legal or not. 
Legalizing Marijuana may even lower that crime rate, if it was free 
to purchase without fear of being caught people would be free to 
purchase it themselves not through a dealer. The economy would be 
able to save so much money if they stopped trying to locate sellers.

It's so hard to believe that in a country where cigarettes and 
alcohol are sold to the masses that there would be a problem 
legalizing a drug that could make money and also benefits people with 
illness. There is no positive health effect in cigarettes and 
children as young as 10 smoke or have tried a cigarette .Alcholol is 
easily located in the grocery store  or drive through and has been 
the cause the cause of thousands of deaths. I know that marijuana is 
responsible for negative events and addiction, but if this country is 
already making money off the health of millions what could legalizing 
Marijuana hurt.

Marijuana like anything would have to monitored and watched over with 
caution. There should be age where it is legal to purchase and a set 
amount that is allowed to be purchased at once.  I'm not saying that 
smoking is right I'm just saying that we need to deal with the 
reality of the situation. It's not going to go away so why not 
legalize it and help this country make some money in the process. I 
agree with the author completely, the benefits of legalizing weed 
outweigh the cost.

Christine Kiger
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