Pubdate: Wed, 20 May 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Aaron Mack


The number of drug related arrests on campus has occurred most often 
during the beginning of January to the end of March. Over a four year 
period Wright State drug related arrest has gradually increased and 
decreased.  According to the "Article Drug Arrest Down twenty six 
drug related arrest occurred in 2005,  and twelve arrests in 2006 and 
twenty three in 2007" over a three month time frame.

This year the number of drug related arrests had dropped twenty one 
percent compared to the twenty eight drug related arrests of 2008. 
The editor [writer] (Allison Lewis) "fills that the new narcotics 
police dog is one of the main factors why there has only been six 
drug related arrests this year".  I somewhat agree with this opinion 
the editor makes. From my point of view the students that do use 
drugs get a little skeptical and careful about using drugs on campus 
because they know it's at a higher risk of them getting caught with 
the new police dog in effect. I strongly believe just the presence of 
the police dog has caused some of the Dayton drug dealers to stop 
coming on campus as much.

Even though the new police dog has had some type of effect on the low 
drug arrests on campus at Wright state this year. I don't think it 
has any impact on the overall students using drugs at Wright state 
this is why I don't agree with this article 100%. Another reason why 
I think there are such low arrests on campus is because student drug 
users can easily go off campus to use drugs with no problem to avoid 
the whole thought of them getting detected by the police dog.

I also don't agree with the point the editor makes that the students 
patrol having an impact on the low drug crimes on campus. I don't 
think the student patrol has any effect on the low drug crimes on 
campus. Most students feel as though the student patrol has little or 
no authority at all and see them as regular students when in comes to 
drug using. To make this article more efficient the editor needs to 
compare the whole three quarters for the whole year for us as the 
readers to really know  if the new narcotics police dog really has 
had an impact on the number of drug related crimes occurring on campus .

Aaron Mack
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