Pubdate: Tue, 12 May 2009
Source: Northern Light, The (CN NK)
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Author: James Mallory


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is looking to increase its visibility in
the village of Belledune.

At the May 4 regular weekly public meeting of village council, Constable
Julien Doth of the RCMP Belledune detachment, made a presentation
outlining a few projects on the RCMP radar.

The Mountie, who has been posted in Belledune for the past three months,
said one of those projects includes investigating the usage of illegal
drugs in the village.

"Our major issue in Belledune as many are aware is drugs. It is a big
project...and would take a lot of time and a lot of preparation to come up
with something specific. Since drugs is just a general term, we need
something more specific to be focusing on."

Const. Doth said he also wants to look into the RCMP's role involving
rescue for anybody who may encounter problems while boating or doing other
activities on the Bay of Chaleur.

"For example, getting boats, who would we contact. Stuff like that," he
said. Const. Doth said the RCMP would also like to work closer with the
lead smelter in the village operated by Xstrata Zinc. Being a major
employer in the area, Const. Doth said it's important to understand the
operation should the RCMP need to respond to an emergency.

"We don't even know how it works over there. Basically, if we had to deal
with something that went on there a couple weeks ago, and they asked us to
go to the main office and we didn't even know where that was. So that
could be another thing to get more familiarized with the smelter," said
Const. Doth.

"It's just in case something happens and we're the first responders...In
that case, it would be to find an emergency plan for the RCMP and the
municipality as well to deal with the problem."

At the conclusion of his presentation, he asked village council what file
they would like to be pursued first. Councillor Elaine Levesque-Godin
indicated that each of those topics are important but the illegal drugs
file might be a good starting point.

"At this point in time, if I were to put them in order of urgency, to me
the one in relation to drugs and prescription drugs seems to be the top of
the list," she said.

The rest of council agreed that the flow of illegal drugs should be the
first case to pursue. Const. Doth said he will meet with council again to
give an update on this project
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