Pubdate: Wed, 29 Apr 2009
Source: McCook Daily Gazette (NE)
Copyright: 2009 McCook Daily Gazette
Author: Esther Wissbaum


Dear Editor,

I'm writing on behalf of the newspaper industry having  trouble 
getting newsprint from Canada.

This item coming from Canada is made from hemp, which  our government 
has ruled out due to hemp containing THC  which is the thing in 
marijuana that causes the "high."

Industrial hemp has negligible THC and is the best  choice for 
everything from biofuels to building  materials. Yet it is still 
illegal in the United States  because of drug laws and drug 
enforcement policies  which started with the newspaper mogul William Hearst.

He started this to protect his newspaper, the paper for  which was 
made from trees from his vast, vast holding  of property growing 
trees. Now we are seeing our  forests being depleted and our source 
for paper being  threatened.

What will happen when our newspaper people cannot get  supplies, much 
less other companies using paper?

Nebraska farmers could surely be producers of this  versatile plant.

Let's think about this and try contacting our elected  "powers that 
be" in office and see if they can get our  law turned around so 
farmers can grow hemp without  being prosecuted.

As I read about this, it seems this is not a science  issue but 
rather a political issue caused by ignorance  and misunderstanding 
about the drug and industrial  hemp.

Legalizing industrial hemp sure would help save our  precious trees 
which take so many years to grow.

How about getting "on the bandwagon" and send letters,  e-mails, 
faxes, etc., to our representatives in our  various legal offices. 
Let them know we favor a  turn-around in our law on hemp.


Esther Wissbaum,

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