Pubdate: Thu, 30 Apr 2009
Source: Guardian (Wright State U, OH Edu)
Copyright: 2009 Guardian
Author: Tasha Champ


In fact, weed is a gateway drug that is getting more and more popular 
in our communities. Marijuana use is increasing everyday and many 
people get caught with it all the time. However, I do believe 
legalizing the drug will ultimately help society and the economy.

I agree with what Daniel Cwiakala on the statement made which said, 
"There is no way that simply using money gained by the legalization 
of weed will save our economy." Of course the sales only from 
marijuana will not get our country out of dept but it will help. Even 
if the profit of weed distribution is 6.2 billion dollars a year that 
is 6.2 billion dollars we would not have had without this upcoming 
change of law. Each year more money will be made from each sale so 
more tax revenue will go to the government to help our struggling 
economy. No, weed legalization alone will not completely clear debt 
in The United States but overall it will help our country and our 
beloved America needs all the help we can get.

Another advantage of legalizing marijuana is it would help with our 
crime rate and the government can keep an eye on what is being sold 
because they would be the distributors. Legalizing weed would make it 
have no risk so many people would see it as not that much fun due to 
it not being as thrilling, this is bad but many people do things 
because it is illegal and they feel a rush when they do it. Many 
Americans would quit smoking or smoke less because it is legalized 
and it would not be as risky which also means not as much fun. The 
government should have a limit on what one person can buy to keep bad 
decisions from being made and so that there will be a higher profit in return.

Police officers and law enforcers can put a harsher punishment on 
drug dealers, instead of a slap on the wrist they can send them to 
prison for a long time because there is no need to sell when you can 
buy it in the store.

Crime rate would diminish because drug dealers would be out of 
business and citizens would not be in trouble for using marijuana.

Tasha Champ
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