Pubdate: Mon, 20 Apr 2009
Source: Watauga Democrat (NC)
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Author: Jean Marlowe



On Thursday April 9, HB 1380 was introduced into the General Assembly in
N.C. and passed its first reading. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Earl Jones,
Rep, Nick Mackey and Rep. Harrison and co-sponsored by Rep. K. Alexander and
Rep. Susan Fisher would allow doctors to write recommendations for medical
marijuana and patients to possess it with a state issued license.
This is not a partisan issue; it is a compassion issue. Many otherwise
illegal substances, such as cocaine and morphine, can legally be prescribed
by doctors.

The same should be true for marijuana. Chemotherapy patients who are
too nauseated to eat or swallow a pill should not have to fear arrest
if they - and their doctors - find that smoking marijuana is the most
effective means of treating their symptoms.

Ultimately, the decision of what medicine is best for an illness
should be left up to the patient and the doctor, not to the
government. When they have their doctors' approval, patients should be
able to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest and

They should also be able to rely on a safe supply of marijuana,
without having to resort to the dangerous criminal market. For all of
these reasons, our legislature should enact laws that protect patients
from arrest and imprisonment.

At the same time, HB 1383 was also introduced, which is the same bill
except it would allow for the vote to be put to the people of NC with
a Citizen's Referendum.

We feel if our lawmakers do not act with common sense and compassion
and protect these sick and dying patients and allow them their right
to "equal treatment and protection under the law" then the patients
have earned the right to do it for themselves.

We urge every citizen of N.C. to call your legislators in support of
this legislation and also call our Speaker of the House and let him
know the citizens want NC do not want their tax money spent to arrest
and prosecute sick and suffering citizens for trying to ease their
suffering. North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network NCCPN

Jean Marlowe

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